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Managing Diabetes

There are 3 workshops in this series to help you maintain good control and prevent possible diabetes-related problems. With the right care and support, living with diabetes can be managed in a healthy, realistic way.


Diabetes Overview

In this overview class our Registered Nurse will answer the questions; “What is Diabetes?” and “What does good control mean?” It is important to maintain good control to prevent complications. You will learn about blood sugar basics.  Basics include blood sugar testing, target levels, and what happens when blood sugars are too high or too low. We will also cover how stress, poor sleep, sickness, and travel can raise blood sugar levels.


Nutrition for Diabetes

The Registered Dieticians will teach you how to choose healthy food to better manage diabetes. Learn about the different types of carbohydrates and how each type affects your blood sugar. They will explain the glycemic index. Learn to read food labels, and how find the hidden sugars in foods. Other things we eat and drink, such as fats, fiber, protein, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners, can affect blood sugar levels too. Learn how timing of meals can help to


Living with Diabetes

In this class the Registered Nurse explores living with diabetes and how diabetes changes over time.  During the class you will learn about proper foot care and why it is important in preventing long-term damage and complications. Making physical activity a priority can help to reduce blood sugar levels and improve overall health. There are also options for medications when lifestyle changes are not enough to keep blood sugar levels under control.

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Click here to register for April to June Classes


Diabetes Overview w/RN

Jun 5 - Wed Morning - 9:30-12pm

Jun 5 - Wed Evening - 5:30-8pm - FULL

Jun 13 - Thurs Afternoon - 1:30-4pm

Nutrition for Diabetes w/RD

Jun 12 - Wed Morning - 9:30-11am

Jun 12 - Wed Evening - 5:30-7pm - FULL

Jun 20 - Thurs Afternoon - 1:30-3pm

Ongoing Care for Diabetes w/RN

Jun 19 - Wed Morning - 9:30-12pm

Jun 19 - Wed Evening - 5:30-8pm - FULL

Jun 27 - Thurs Afternoon - 1:30-4pm

 Click here  to register for July to  September Classes


Diabetes Overview w/RN

Jul 4 - Thurs Morning - 9:30-12pm

Jul 25 - Thurs Evening - 5:30-8pm

Aug 6 - Tues Afternoon - 1:30-4pm

Aug 15 - Thurs Morning - 9:30-12pm

Sept 3 - Tues Afternoon - 1:30-4pm

Sept 12 - Thurs Morning - 9:30-12pm

Sept 18 - Wed Evening - 5:30-8pm


Nutrition for Diabetes w/RD

Jul 11 - Thurs Morning - 9:30-11am

Aug 1 - Thurs Evening - 5:30-7pm

Aug 13 - Tues Afternoon - 1:30-3pm

Aug 22 - Thurs Morning - 9:30-11am

Sept 10 - Tues Afternoon - 1:30-3pm

Sept 19 - Thurs Morning - 9:30-11am

Sept 11 or Oct 2- Wed Evening - 5:30-7pm


Ongoing Care for Diabetes w/RN

Jul 18 - Thurs Morning - 9:30-12pm

Aug 8 - Thurs Evening - 5:30-8pm

Aug 20 - Tues Afternoon - 1:30-4pm

Aug 29 - Thurs Morning - 9:30-12pm

Sept 17 - Tues Afternoon - 1:30-4pm

Sept 26 - Thurs Morning - 9:30-12pm

Sept 25 - Wed Evening - 5:30-8pm



Click to find a list of available resources and handouts for your class. You may print them if you wish.

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