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Managing Diabetes


The main resource for your course is Here you can find many supports before and after your education session. Try the Risk Assessment to learn if you or a family member are at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Please print or bookmark this handout: Staying Healthy with Diabetes

This handout provides an excellent summary of the workshop.

Another great place for information and videos is Type diabetes in the search bar and you will find information on many topics.

Nutrition Resources

Healthy Eating for Diabetes

Canada’s Food Guide

Fibre Facts

Setting Goals for Lifestyle Change

Label Reading the Healthy Way

Just the Basics (CDA)

Sugars and sweeteners (CDA)

Gestational Diabetes

Healthy Eating for Gestational Diabetes healthy-eating-gestational-diabetes.pdf


Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes Canada) resources/gestational-diabetes.pdf

Carbohydrates in Foods carbohydrate-in-foods(Pictorial).pdf

Basic Carbohydrate Counting (Diabetes Canada) carbohydrate-counting.pdf

Healthy Snacking to Help your Diabetes (optional) healthy-snacks-to-help-your-diabetes.pdf

Sugars and Sweeteners (optional) and-sweeteners.pdf

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