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Managing Stress has resources and information to help you manage stress. Click the link and put stress in the search bar or click some of the links below to find specific resources referenced in your class.

Stress Management Information: Journal, relaxation videos, summary of course content

Stress: What to Look For: Find resources on what stress feels like and a tracking tool to track the stress in your life.

The Alberta Healthy Living Program has classes and workshops on a variety of health conditions and topics to help improve your health.


Week 1 Topics

Questions to consider:

  • What causes you stress?

  • What signals does your body tell you?

  • What are some ways stress impacts your health?


Stress Awareness Journal:

What is the stressor?

Is it a one-time or ongoing stressor?

What is my reaction or response to the stressor?

How does it make me feel?

What is the impact of the stressor on my behavior and lifestyle?


Coping with Stress Resources:

Coping with Stress (

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Deep Breathing Exercises

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Relaxation for stress, chronic pain, and headache relief


Actions to consider:

  • Build your awareness. Note stressors, their intensity ( 1-10) how your body responds, and how these stressors impact  your behavior and lifestyle

  • Determine if those stressors are solvable or something you need to cope with. If it’s something you can cope with, practice one stress reduction strategy you learned today, or something that has worked in the past

  • If it is something you think you can solve, try find some solutions

 Week 2 Topics

Common Coping Techniques (Healthy and Unhealthy)

Another common response is avoiding behaviors which might include excessive TV or screen time, gaming, or other behaviors.

5 ways to practice optimism

Stop Negative Thoughts: Choosing a Healthier Way of Thinking


Questions to consider:

  • Which responses do you use to try and avoid/escape your stressors?

  • Are there things that you can do to your routines to avoid stressors?

  • Should you consider changing your thinking patterns? Where might you start?

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