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about the class

This class is for anyone with high blood pressure and/or cholesterol and would like to learn how to lower them.


Maintaining a healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and many other illnesses.



In this 2 part workshop, offered in collaboration with AHS Dietitians, you will learn what  affects your blood pressure and cholesterol level and what you can do about it.

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class schedule


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Part 1: Wed May 4       5:30pm - 8pm

Part 2: Wed May 11      5:30pm - 8pm

​Part 1: Mon May 9        1:30pm - 4pm

Part 2: Mon May 16      1:30pm - 4pm

​Part 1: Thurs May 19     9:30am - noon

Part 2: Thurs May 26    9:30am - noon

Part 1: Tues June 7      5:30pm - 8pm

Part 2: Tues June 14    5:30pm - 8pm

Part 1: Thurs June 16   1 pm to 3:30pm

Part 2: Thurs June 23  1 pm to 3:30pm

Part 1: Wed June 22     9:30am - noon

Part 2: Wed June 29    9:30am - noon

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handouts and resources

Click to find a list of available resources and handouts for your class. You may print them if you wish.