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about the class

Heart & Stroke Education

This 2-session workshop helps you lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke. Our program will give you the knowledge and confidence to make decisions about your heart health.


Heart & Stroke Overview & Prevention

Our Registered Nurse will help you understand all the numbers the doctor gives you. They will share information about managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels to reduce your risk of heart disease. They will also discuss how medications and exercise help you achieve the best results.


Nutrition for Heart Health

The Registered Dietician will provide you with the information and skills to prevent and manage heart disease through healthy eating. We cover topics such as how to make healthier food choices to reduce risk of a stroke and heart event. You will learn how salt affects your blood pressure and how other parts of your diet can change your cholesterol levels.

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class schedule

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Overview & Prevention w/ Registered Nurse

Apr 10   Wed Afternoon   1:30-4pm

Apr 25   Thurs Evening   5:30-8pm

May 15   Wed Morning   9:30-12pm

May 22   Wed Afternoon   1:30-4pm

Jun 19   Wed Morning   9:30-12pm

Jun 26   Wed Evening   5:30-8pm

Nutrition w/ Registered Dietician

Apr 17   Wed Afternoon   1:30-3pm

May 2   Thurs Evening   5:30-7pm

May 22   Wed Morning   9:30-11am

May 30   Thurs Afternoon   1:30-3pm

Jun 19   Wed Evening   5:30-7pm

Jun 27   Thurs Morning   9:30-11am

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handouts and resources

Click to find a list of available resources and handouts for your class. You may print them if you wish.

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