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Adult Weight Management Series


Adult Weight Management

Learn the connection between weight and health and how to make long-term lifestyle changes.


Series 1 – (3 workshops)

Participants in the Series 1 workshops will learn about planning for physical activity. There is discussion about where our calories come from, what influences calorie needs, and choices for healthy food and drink. Learn how to use Using a journal as is a helpful tool for change, explore your health habits and motivations for change, and examine how our surroundings can influence our choices.


Series 2 – (3 workshops)

Series 2 of the Adult Weight Management program helps you develop a healthier relationship with food and physical activity. It is important to recognize how, what, when, how much, and why we eat. The 4 Ps of meal planning will help set you up for success. Additionally, we help you identify the things around us that can influence our food choices. This Enables us to recognize and manage the emotions and triggers that can lead to unhelpful thoughts and feelings, as well as introducing the concept of “mindful” eating.


Series 3 – (2 workshops)

Our Adult Weight Management Series 3 classes will teach participants to challenge “all or nothing” thinking. We will look at where calories come from and offer tips for navigating the challenges buffets, restaurants, and parties. During the course, participants will also explore the impacts of sleep, medications, cravings, and effective communication on managing weight. Participants have the chance to share personal barriers and problem solve situations.



Click Here to Register for July to September Classes

Series 1 Options - 1.1, 1.2, & 1.3

Jul 9, 16, & 23 - Tues Mornings - 9:30-12pm

Aug 6, 13, & 20 - Tues Afternoons - 1:30-4pm

Sept 4, 11, & 18 - Wed Evenings - 5:30-8pm

Sept 19, 26, & Oct 3 Sept Mornings – 9:30-12pm

Series 2 Options 2.1, 2.2, & 2.3

Aug 15, 22, & 29 - Thurs Mornings - 9:30-12pm

Sept 12, 19, & 26 - Thurs Afternoons - 1:30-4pm 

Series 3 Options 3.1 & 3.2

Jul 9 & 16 - Tues Mornings - 9:30-12pm

Sept 5 & 12 - Thurs Mornings - 9:30-12pm


Click to find a list of available resources and handouts for your class. You may print them if you wish.


Series 1

1.1 Understanding Weight

and Health

Workbook for 1.1

1.2 Nutrition: Eating Well

for Weight & Health

Workbook for 1.2

1.3 Making a Change

Building Habits

Workbook for 1.3

Series 2

2.1 Physical Activity and Taming Triggers

Workbook for 2.1

2.2 Make a Plan to Eat Well

Workbook for 2.2


2.3 Emotions and Eating

Workbook for 2.3

Series 3

3.1 Nutrition: Eating Away from Home

Workbook for 3.1

3.2 Factors Affecting

Weight Management

Workbook for 3.2

Introduction to Bariatric Surgery Resources

Information sheets

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