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Chronic Disease Self-Management



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about this class

about the class

This class is for anyone living with any long term health condition, including:

• Diabetes

• Heart disease

• Arthritis

• Breathing concerns

• Depression/anxiety

• Weight management

• Cancer


• Fibromyalgia

Nutrition, physical activity and stress affect your life, especially when you’re living with ongoing health concerns. These workshops will help you discover changes and strategies to help you live healthier.

In this 6 week class, we will talk about overcoming the physical and emotional challenges of living with chronic conditions, Managing pain, fatigue and stress, Making positive nutrition and active living choices and setting personal goals and acting on your plans.

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class schedule

BCBH - Chronic Conditions

This workshop is created on the same framework as Better Choices, Better Health for Chronic Pain.  If you choose this class, you do NOT need to also register for Better Choices, Better Health for Chronic Pain

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Plan to attend all 6 sessions

May 26 to Jun 30

Friday Mornings

9:30am to 12pm

Registration opens soon!

July 12 to Aug 16

Wed Mornings

9:30am to 12pm  

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handouts and resources

To get the most from this class, you will require the book Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions, 5th edition.

Instructions for receiving your book will be shared after the first class.

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